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Empowering Fish Farmers, Transforming Aquaculture

Connect with consumers, optimize your operations, and boost your profits with AquaTrack, the all-in-one platform for fish farmers.

Our Products

Discover the Features that Empower Fish Farmers

AquaTrack Management Tool

AMT is more than just a farm management tool; it's a game-changer for catfish farmers. Say goodbye to the traditional ways of managing your catfish farm and embrace the future of fish farming with Aquatrack.

AquaTrack Marketplace

Sell your produce directly to consumers on our platform, eliminating intermediaries and increasing your profits.


Join our knowledge based community. Connect with other fish farmers, share experiences, and learn best practices.

About Us

AQUATRACK is an innovative and comprehensive platform that connects fish farmers together in a commounity, provides e-commerce/marketplace platform for farmers to sell their produce to consumers, and offers farm management tools for the farmers, all in an effort to improve and digitalize the fish farming industry.

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